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What’s inside is what counts! Cannabis oils range in color from heavy dark black to a pure golden yellow. Why is this important? Because a clear, golden product is a sure sign that extra time and processes have been taken to refine the oil to a premium grade and is free from any unwanted elements. With Speakeasy you can be sure that you are getting a product that sets the standard for aroma, flavor, purity and potency. Our team of experts strongly believe that the full flavor taste and the total terpene retention in our products are what sets the premium grade standard for patients in medical cannabis States and the emerging adult markets. In order to meet these standards, Speakeasy sources premium biomass and lab tests each batch. Our scientists and engineers strictly adhere to the companies quality system and chain of custody to produce a consistent pure product every time.




Speakeasy 710 Vape Cartridge

Lab certified THC cartridges are potent with smooth full flavor profiles.


Pure golden cannabis and grapeseed oil tonics are potent and with a long lasting effect.


Get all the therapeutic benefits of CBD cannabis oil with this non-psychoactive alternative product.

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