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Cannabidiol Product Line


You may be familiar with our potent THC products but we are proud to announce that we are now releasing a CBD branch! Our new line will be pure CBD, with no THC products or mixes. They will include CBD tonics, CBD vapes, CBD topical/rubs, CBD Crystals and more!


If you aren’t familiar with CBD, here are some of the basic facts. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 active compounds in marijuana and non-psychoactive, which means it does not affect brain function or awareness. With Cannabidiol, you won’t feel the “high” feeling that comes with consuming THC. CBD is primarily used for its medical benefits amongst people with severe injuries and medical disorders. Some key benefits from using CBD dominant strains include: reducing blood pressure, relieving pain, reducing anxiety and inflammation, reducing nausea, helping with appetite and much more! There are many known cannabis strains that contain high CBD, some of these strains include: Cannatonic, ACDC, Critical Mass, Harlequin and more!


A little unknown fact about CBD is that it also helps to reduce paranoia and anxiety that can result from consuming to much THC. If you’ve just done a dab or smoked on something a bit to strong and you start “tripping” all you need to do is consume a little bit of CBD to bring you back down to a more manageable feeling.