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Color Spectrum


Cannabis Vape oil is technically considered a concentrate (similar to wax), and like wax, cannabis oil varies in color depending on quality. Vape oil can range from light to dark. However, the color of vape oil can be affected by many things: the quality of flower used when extracting the oil, the method used to extract, or whether you choose to purify the end product or not. Your average vape oil cartridge will contain an oil that usually ranges from a dark color (being the lowest quality) to a brown/amber color (being of average quality) and finally, to a golden color (being the highest quality).

We take pride in the overall quality of our Speakeasy 710 product and only use the highest quality indoor flower to extract our oil. Not only do we use Co2 oil to extract, (which leaves behind no harmful residue, unlike butane) Speakeasy 710 uses an intricate distillation process to remove any harmful impurities. This distillation process is the main reason Speakeasy 710 is able to produce such clean, potent oil.