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Feature: The New Smoker

via The New Smoker


Want the password for the doors of perception…? You know how The Wall by Pink Floyd: the movie, is one of the most mind bending music-movies ever made, yah? It’s been changing the course of most young-adult brains for decades to the deeper inner discoveries… especially when really really high. But what you probably don’t know is The Wall’s director Alan Parker made another music-movie even more mind bending a few years earlier: Bugsy Malone. The all-kid cast, playing adults, is all about Chicago gangs in the roaring ’20s singing and dancing their way through gang-wars, speakeasies, and prostitution… while driving around in tiny Model-Ts like bikes. Not to mention, staring youngest child-actors Jody Foster and Scott Baio, with an amazing soundtrack written and performed by the ’70s pop song giant, if vertically challenged, Paul Williams. It might be one of the best movies one can’t believe ever got made.


This is what puffing on a Speakeasy, Golden Cannabis Oil vape pen is like, knocking on the doors of perception with a password to the speakeasy of the soul to unleash your inner child.