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Infographic: Vaping Oil vs Smoking Herb

Speakeasy Infographic 

The reasons are endless as to why you should make the switch from stenchful flower to smooth Speakeasy 710 vapes and oils, but for the sake of saving you the time, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10. Read until the very end for a rewarding surprise...

  1. Convenience

Your high is the click-of-a-button away with cannabis oil. Specifically, the Speakeasy 710 Battery Pen has a 650 mAh base, allowing you to easily vape your golden oil for weeks on end with storage being as easy as your pocket. Let’s compare this to the less convenient flower-- flower requires more effort and storage to avoid drying out… too much time in our books. 

  1. Health

With all the potential health benefits of consuming THC and CBD, the last thing you’d want to do is counteract it by inhaling irritating smoke into your lungs. To put into perspective, vapor consists of 95% cannabinoids, while combusted smoke gases consist of 88% non-cannabinoids. Additionally, inhaling burnt plant material is known to cause other health problems.

  1. Discreet

Discretion allows for a blissful high wherever you go. Using a full cased battery enclosed vaporizer looks like a pen and not like paraphernalia. On the other hand, smoking devices like bongs or glass rigs are not discrete or portable. 

  1. Smell

There is nothing worse than walking into a quiet room with fear that you’ll reek of loud flower. Vaporizing diminishes the fear entirely, as vapor dissipates quickly and leaves very little smell. Now compare this to smoking through a device like a bong: smoke leaves a lingering stench that can last for hours and sticks to clothing… No thank you!

  1. Acceptance

Carrying a professionally packaged cannabis product that appears like an actual writing pen is truly more socially acceptable, being that it does not affect the comfort others. Smoking, however, has become less socially accepted, leads to discomfort for some, and is even banned in certain areas. 

  1. Travel

“Ready to go when you are!” -Vape Pen

“Wait, I still need to get ready and you need to clean me up afterwards.” -Smoking Tool

  1. Storage

Convenient storage will occur with oil cartridges; they come in small containers, have an extensive life span, and do not need smell-proof barriers. Now, do you remember the last time you stored flower? Clunky container… dead giveaway… and don’t even think about opening the container without expecting it to smell! 

  1. Consistency

Consistency leads to success in all areas (side note: carry that piece of advice with you everywhere). Cannabis oils are supported by lab tests and proven extraction techniques that produce consistent product over and over again. Flower varies plant to plant, crop to crop, farm to farm, and so on.

  1. Potency

One of our favorite topics, amiright? Our lab tested results are always over 75% THC, while flower is lower potency and ranges by strain, storage, age, and several other factors. 

  1. Flavor

Of course you want the most flavorful experience as you enter your relaxed state of mind. Vaping through a smooth, consistent Speakeasy 710 vape cartridge allows for a delicious hit each go. Burnt flower, on the other hand, tastes like, well… burnt flower. 

And that was your quick dose of SpeakEASYINFO. We’re proud of you for taking the steps to educate yourself on the reasons we create top-quality products, so here’s a reward for you…

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