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Feature: OC Weekly Toke Of The Week, Speakeasy 710 Vape Pen

Via OC Weekly: Toke Of The Week. Written by Mary Carreon,

Speakeasy 710 Vape Pen

The problem with rolling joints or smoking out of a pipe when you're in public is the lack of cover. And getting caught smoking while you're out somewhere-say, an expensive concert-can really ruin your day. The best way to sneak a toke when you're out and about is via vape--and Speakeasy710's stainless steel vape pen kills the game when it comes to sneaking puffs.

The best part about the vape is it looks exactly like a pen-and a fancy one, at that. But the reason why that's important is because if your bag is searched by security before entering a venue, the staff won't look twice at the vape pen. Also, the problem with lots of other vape pens is they don't come with a mouthpiece protector. So, if you throw your vape into your bag, center console, make up case or whatever, the mouthpiece is subject to whatever germs inhabit your things. (And to think we share our dirty vapes with other people---yuck!)

Speakeasy's stainless-steel mouthpiece cap is magnetized for sanitary security, minimizing how many germs it comes into contact with and promising a much cleaner experience. Lastly, Speakeasy's vape cartridges are made of glass. Although glass is fragile, it doesn't contain toxins in it chemical makeup, unlike plastic. So if you're looking to sneak a smoke (relatively) germ-free and from a glass cartridge that won't get you kicked out of a public venue--Speakeasy has your back.


  • March 11, 2017
  • Speakeasy Admin