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Video: Cooking with Speakeasy, Raspberry Ricotta Cheese Chocolate Shell Tart

Cooking with Speakeasy710- Tonics!

Cooking with Speakeasy tonic is a simple and healthy way to medicate. Both our CBD and THC tonics are made with organic grapeseed oil, giving them a very mild earthy flavor. You can prepare full-scale meals including main dishes and appetizers, as well as simply adding the tonics to your raw meals, sauces or drinks. You may be used to your typical cookie and brownie edibles, but let us open your mind to new and greater possibilities!

When cooking with Speakeasy tonic, it’s important to remember that edibles affect people differently than smoking does. When you medicate with edibles, the effect may take longer. However, they are known to hit you harder and last longer than smoking. With that being said, we always recommend microdosing especially if using THC over CBD. Microdosing makes controlling your medication easier, as well as providing the patient with a number of added benefits. Medicating with small amounts of THC creates a stable, relaxing high without any paranoia or anxiety. It’s always easier to eat more, but you can never eat less!

Just like with any other cannabis product, cooking with our CBD and THC tonics will produce different effects. If you’re looking for something more sedative and heavy, we recommend using our THC tonic.

At Speakeasy 710, we are huge fans of dessert! And since the CBD tonic has a sweet flavor, it’s perfect paired with your favorite dessert recipes! The tonic is easily masked, so adding it to your favorite cream, sauce or batter is a cinch! The effects will usually hit you after about thirty to forty-five minutes (depending on your weight.)

The possibilities are endless, with Speakeasy tonics! If you love cooking, you’ll be creating your own delicious medicated meals in no time. Check out our latest video to get started on your own medicated dessert!

  • May 05, 2017
  • Speakeasy Admin