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Speakeasy710 - Dab Dispenser

We pride ourselves on the quality of our oil and can ensure that our patients receive the most potent and clean meds possible! Our new Dab Dispenser is filled with the same 75% THC oil as our cartridges, which is made using organically cultivated flower and then tested by SC Laboratories.

Not only is our Dab Dispenser potent, it’s also a convenient way to add THC oil to any of your medication. To keep the pen mess-free, there is a detachable precision point tip provided and stored in the bottom of the device. The Dab Dispenser is small and sleek for portability and discretion, with a turn release bottom for easy use! Just twist the bottom and dispense your Speakeasy 710 oil onto your favorite flower, preroll or your oil rig!



  • August 23, 2016
  • Speakeasy Admin