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Tomorrows Bad Seeds

Speakeasy 710 has always had a love and appreciation for music and we are stoked to announce that we now have American reggae rock band, Tomorrows Bad Seeds (TBS) on board to help promote and showcase our products.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds, “leaders of the new school” is a five piece American band from The South Bay of Los Angeles California, formed in 2004. Their Southern California influences helped yield their unparalleled sound; A perfect mix of reggae, rock & pop. From Hood B-Boy Street to Surf/Skate Beach Culture these boys emerged into a multi-cultural musical phenomenon with a cause. Meet The Seeds: Moises Juarez (lead-vocals), Sean Chapman(vocals/guitar), Matthew McEwan (vocals/guitar), Patrick Salmon (drums), and Andre Davis (bass). The band tours an average of 40 weeks a year coast to coast, selling out venues and spreading like wildfire across the nation. Building a solid and loyal following wherever they go.




The Empire Agency, Inc. 

7039 W Sunset Blvd  Hollywood, CA 

Office: 310.589.3757




Date Day Location Venue
1/13/17 Fri San Diego, CA Winstons
1/14/17 Sat Big Bear, CA The Cave
3/15/17 Wed Costa Rica TBD
3/16/17 Thu Costa Rica TBD
3/17/17 Fri Costa Rica TBD
3/18/17 Sat Costa Rica TBD
3/19/17 Sun Costa Rica TBD
3/20/17 Mon Costa Rica TBD
3/21/17 Tue Costa Rica TBD
3/22/17 Wed Costa Rica TBD
4/12/17 Wed Ventura, CA/SLO Discovery-2nd/Tap It-2nd
4/13/17 Thu Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst-4th
4/14/17 Fri San Francisco, CA Jimmy Vargas w/ Rebel Souljaz-hold
4/15/17 Sat Oroville, CA TBD
4/16/17 Sun Arcata, CA Humbrews
4/17/17 Mon TBD TBD
4/18/17 Tue TBD TBD
4/19/17 Wed Eugene, OR Hifi-2nd
4/20/17 Thu Tacoma, WA Jazzbones/Shakedown-2nd/Tractor-4th
4/21/17 Fri Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge/Shakedown-2nd/Croc/Tractor-4th
4/22/17 Sat Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom/Tractor-4th
4/23/17 Sun Lake Tahoe, CA Whiskey Dicks
4/24/17 Mon TBD TBD
4/25/17 Tue Salt Lake City, UT State Room-1st
4/26/17 Wed Colorado Springs, CO Blacksheep-2nd/Hodi's-2nd
4/27/17 Thu Denver, CO Otherside-3rd/Marquis-2nd
4/28/17 Fri Albuquerque, NM Launchpad-2nd
4/29/17 Sat Phoenix, AZ Last Exit-1st/Launchpad-2nd
  • January 16, 2017
  • Speakeasy Admin