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Frequently Asked Questions

How much product should I use?

Everyone is a bit different and has a different tolerance to THC and CBD. Our recommendation is to start low and go slow, meaning if you are using our tonics, start with half of a dropper, then wait 1 hour and evaluate how you feel. If you’ve not reached your desired effect take another half of a dropper. The key here is to not consume too much and giving the product time to take effect.

Can I use the Tonic oil in the Vape Cartridge?

No, the Tonic oil is infused with organic grape seed oil and isn’t vapeable

Are your vape cartridges refillable?

Yes, our cartridges are high quality metal and glass. To refill simply unscrew the mouth piece and add your oil using a syringe. Do not inject oil down the air pathway center pole.

What is the dosage of the THC tonics?

A full dropper of THC tonic is 30 mg

What is the dosage of the CBD tonics?

A full dropper of CBD tonic is 10 mg

Your CBD vape cartridge says 40% CBD what is the remaining 60%?

All ingredients in our Vape cartridges are derived from the cannabis plant. The remaining 60% consists of other cannabinoids and plant oils.

Do you ship THC products?

Our THC products are only available at licensed dispensary’s throughout California.

I’ve ordered your product but don’t feel the effects?

Everyone is a bit different, please contact customer service at