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Volume I

Introducing The Art Of The Deal.......the word on the street is that Faceless, a professional "fixer" recently took a job from the Speakeasy boss. We haven’t heard many details other than something was stolen that belongs to the Speakeasy crew and they want it back. Some say it’s gold bullion, some say it’s a very rare prized possession from the 20's. Whatever it may be, it’s enough to call in a pro to get it back. Little does Faceless know, that this stolen chest would set off a chain of events that would put him in the middle of what may be the last job he will ever take...


Volume II

In this chapter of the Art of the Deal, pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place as a mysterious character infiltrates the back entrance of the Speakeasy headquarters. Meanwhile, a party roars on in the Speakeasy social club. Little does the boss know that while they’re all partying, a wolf has made it’s way into the hen-house in search of the prize.


Volume III (Premiering: Black Friday)


In this dramatic grand finale of the Art of the Deal, Faceless prepares to find the suspect behind the Speakeasy Headquarters heist which left The Boss without the prized possession that is inside of the stolen treasure chest. After putting the word out and a bounty for info, a black market dealer gets in touch with Faceless with details of how he can find the stolen chest.